Slime DIY Ideas

Here is another good video to watch from my all time favorite DIY Youtuber – KimspiredDIY.  This time she made 3 different slimes: Mini starbucks, mini Emoji and a fake balloon.  You can learn how to make slime 3 different ways.  These are all so fun!

Hope you enjoy all these different slime ideas as much as I did.  You can always find something fun, creative, unique and easy to make on KimspiredDIY channel.

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DIY Phone Cases

I’m back with another post from my favorite Youtuber – KimspiredDIY – she just posted this new DIY phone case video and I already have made 2 of them with plans to make the rest later this week.  She made a slime phone case, edible Hubba Bubba bubblegum, eyelash, holographic diamond and squishy popsicle.

I’m so in love with my new bubblegum phone case and holo diamond – they were so easy and my friends have made so many cool comments about both of them – of course the love the bubblegum one cuz now I always have gum for them.  I will make the other 3 this week cuz I just love all of them.  I hope she comes out with another video soon cuz I love to watch them but in the mean time you to can enjoy these easy and unique DIY phone cases.

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DIY Craft Projects

I’m a huge DIY fan and I found a great channel on Youtube that has some creative, easy and unique DIYs. I love watching KimspiredDIY – she makes the best crafts that are perfect for kids, teens and adults.  Her video tutorials are so fun to watch and she explains things so you can understand them.  Her recent video is one of my favorites as she recycles makeup containers and turn them into useable school supplies.  You can find her turning an eyeliner pencil into a pen that you can actually write with.  She also turn a nail file into a highlighter and then takes another nail file and turns it into a pencil.  You can learn how to make nail polish glue and lip gloss glue.  Take a round makeup brush and turn it into a bookmark – use a an eyeshadow container and turn that into a notebook.  She also makes a nail polish eraser which is really cool.

She has more DIY school supply videos that are also really unique – diy mini soda pen holders, lip gloss pens and erasers & nail polish pens.  The other thing that she has on her channel are giant DIYs where she takes regular things and makes them giant.  You can find a giant nail polish, mascara, lip gloss and baby lips.  If you are looking for fun, creative and easy DIYs then stop by KimspiredDIY on Youtube -she is sure to have something for you to watch – she is one of my favorites.

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Music Festivals In The US

Music festivals are a time to let lose and have fun.  You can find some of the best music festivals across the United States.  Music festivals are fun to get together with friends and have a good time.  Everyone should experience at least 1 music festival in their life.

Here are some of the different music festivals around the USA.  In Chicago you can find the Pitchfork Music Festival.  Tons of entertainers through out the weekend. Miami is home to the Ultra Music Festival this one is a premier electronic music festival. You won’t want to miss Coachella – this is one of the best festivals around.  Tons of entertainment and plenty of party fun to be had by all.  Visit their website for travel packages, parking and a line of entertainment along with much more.  This is just a sample of some of the music festivals that you might want to consider attending.  For a complete list check out the US Music Festivals List – you can find dates for each event and one that was my be in your area.

I hope you get to attend at least one music festival this year.  Festivals are a great way to get away for the weekend and have lots of fun.  Enjoy some great food, music and friends.  Stay safe and enjoy the music!

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